When medically referred to the lymphatic system, it is usually in the context of a cancer diagnosis in which lymph nodes are viewed as harbors for potentially lethal metastases. Or perhaps it is in relation to lymphadenopathy, signaling a potentially serious disorder.

In some cases that that are not related to cancer, the lymphatic system is totally ignored in some cases such as plastic surgery, mastectomy, allergies, inflammation or autoimmune disorder.  Unknown to some patients the importance to follow up on the condition of their lymph system after experiencing any of the prior mentioned conditions.

"Yet lymphatic circulation — the "other circulatory system" — plays a vital role in maintaining homeostasis. It is intimately connected with every other organ system. It's a key factor in maintaining fluid balance, and serves as a major pathway for eliminating toxins. At the same time, because it is a primary reservoir of white blood cells, it is an essential part of the immune system."

There is a growing number of therapist and clinicians, that are creating a great change by educating the public.  Thanks to a company in Colorado, a new therapeutic device known as LET (Lymphatic Enhancement Technology) is putting the lymphatic system squarely in the center of the health and wellness equation.
LET is an FDA-registered class 1 device that delivers non-thermal, low-frequency electrostatic energy via glass wands that the operator uses to massage anatomic areas dense with lymphatic tissue.

As Dr. Croley, on ArcStar's website explains it, the electrostatic currents generated by the heads of the LET device stimulates the autonomic nerves that regulate constriction and expansion of the vasculature.

"This stimulation causes contraction of blood vessels. The contraction squeezes the plasma fluid existing within the blood out of the vessel. Next, the plasma fluid is taken up by the parallel lymph vessels. Due to the lack of muscular layer within the wall of the lymph vessels, the lymph fluid must then be stimulated in a linear fashion toward each set of lymph nodes along the afferent lymph flow in order to encourage the movement of lymph through the system," said Dr. Croley, who is a scientific advisor to ArcStar.

As more clinicians are becoming familiar with this device, it is been used in adjunct with manual lymphatic massage.  The LET device is increasing the  lymphatic motility. The use of this device has become very practical, because it provides relief for a wide range of conditions associated with lymphatic congestion. It is also an recommended to use it along with detoxification protocols, stress and chronic pain management, pre- and post-surgical  care, and treatment of athletic injuries.

If interested in more cases in which the LET and manual lymphatic drainage massage have been used, visit us at: Margie's Wellness Center.


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Lymphatic System

Lymphatic System

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