MPS Pain Therapy other than providing pain relief, we have also noticed the improvement of Range Of Motion in most cases.  In our practice we have started treating patient with autoimmune system dis-ease and along with the symptoms of this condition, patient was experiencing severe menstrual cramps every month.

Patient came back the following week and gave us an update of her condition, not only did she experience relief from chronic fatigue, she also had a pain free menstrual cycle after her one hour session of MPS therapy with the Dolphin Neurostim.

In her treatment we incorporated the MPS standard protocol on her first visit and then protocol for Irregular Menstruation the second time around along with Lymphatic Drainage therapy with Lymphatic Enhancement therapy using the Lymphstar Pro Fusion.

Protocol used for this patient:  2 times a week the first week, then once a week, with each been 1 hour long.

  • MPS Pain Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage therapy
  • Biomat Amethyst Infrared
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Lymphstar Pro Fusion

Lymphstar Pro Fusion
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