Monday, March 30, 2015      Maryuri Velazquez
Surgery whether is elective in cases to improve ones appearance is a business that in the last 20 years has grown worldwide.  Surgeries to enhance women's breasts, reduce inches of their abdomen, back, arms, thighs, etc...  What is more astonishing is the fact that, today there are more men electing to go under the knife.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you must be honest with yourself. Why do you want surgery and what do you expect surgery to do for you?

      1. One of the reasons could be, you are bothered by a physical characteristic and would would like to improve or change.
        2. Another reason may be because of a physical defect or cosmetic flaw that has diminished your self-esteem over time.
Whatever the reason it may be, be aware that not only should you inquire on the experience and outcome of the surgeon you are considering, but also the aftercare of the surgery.  How you should take care of yourself after you are sent home.

Most people that undergo liposuction for example, experience discomfort, pain as soon as the anasthesia starts to wear off.  Patients notice swelling on the area the liposuction was performed. What each person considering plastic surgery must also ask their doctor is, how the elected procedure will affect them in general during, and after it is done.

What most patients don't know is, that the reason for the swelling, pain and lumps after the plastic surgery is the fact that the lymph vessels are cut, the same way when a pipe breaks and water has no way to move out.  The swelling and bruising are some of the side effects a patient endures and if they are not aware that post surgical lymphatic drainage is recommended, their healing process takes longer an in some cases depresses them.

At Margie's Wellness Center, they see patients at least twice a week for  post surgical massage to ease the pain associated with the swelling and righ after the session is complete, it has been documented that the patient immediately feels less pain, swelling, and bruising diminish visibly. The lymphatic drainage massage facilitates the body to flush out the lymph fluids via other means such as sweat, urine, digestion by breaking it down.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage reduces tension and stress, treating different forms of swelling, mitigates scar tissue, reduces cellulite visibility, lowers blood pressure, reduce chronic fatigue and mild depression, supports the immune system, reduces chronic soft tissue pain, and enhances skin tone and quality.


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